Ozlinks is a collaborative project between
Mrs Knight's Year 7 class at St Joseph's College Mildura, Victoria, Australia students and
Mrs Peter's Year 7 class in Chehalem Valley Middle School, Newburg, Oregon, USA
Coordinated by Mrs Elliott - Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Paddlesteamer in Lock at Mildura

Students will be formed into groups
They will exchange information about themselves and where they live to become familiar. They'll then form groups and conduct a research project.
Students are using this wiki as a collaborative space where they can store their ideas and information, share each others cultures and build their projects.
Students will use Web 2.0 tools such as Google Maps, wiki and avatar software.
The students are using also sharing photos at Ozlinks.ning.com

This map shows the location of our two schools on Google Maps- one in Victoria, Australia and the other in Oregon, USA.

Get project details from - The Project page. Also see the Resources page to help you select your destination and learn how to edit Wikispaces.

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