Ashley's, Eric's and Dak's page

All about me

My name is Ashley
My favorite color is blue
My favorite type of music is Rock
My gender is male
My favorite sport is soccer
My favorite website is MSN
My favorite TV show is family guy
My favorite season is summer
My birthday is 23rd may
My I have 4 bro and 0 sister

Hello my name is Eric.I'm 12 years old and in seventh grade and i'm male.I live on a vineyard in Hillsboro Oregon.My favorite sports are soccer and lacrosse.My favorite Pro soccer team is Portugal and my favorite player is Ronoldo.I play bass and trumpet. my favorite color is red.

hi my name is dak
my sex is boy
my birthday is july 9
and my favorate color is blue,and orange
i like to skate and mess around
and i am 13 years old
and my favorate t.v. show is famliy guy and south park and im single

and my family and i in the summer goes camping and we bring our really nice boat