Bangladesh is the travel page of Jeremy, Bjorn and Gabriel

We will go on July 5-13.

We will go to the capital of Bangledesh which is Dhaka.

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What attractions do we want to visit? The historic Lalbagh Fort, built in 1678 then the Ashan Manzil Museum and the National Monument for Martyrsin Sevar.

How will we get around? By taxi.

Day 1 When we first get there we well go to our hotel then go to the historic Lalbagh Fort, built in 1678.

Day 2 we can go to The Ashan Manzil Museum the and it is in Dhaka to.

Day 3 we can to the National Monument for Martyrs in Sevar.

Day 4 we can go to the historic Lalbagh Fort, built in 1678.

Day 5 I found a tour and we will go to Stone forest and we well stay at the Yunlin hotel because it is 2 days.

Day 6 We will be at the Stoneforest for the whole day.

Day 7 The whole day we will be walking around the city getting soveners around the city.

Day 8 we will get up at 6:00 in the morning to get to our flight and that is the end of our trip.

I forgot to tell you our hotel it is called The Dhaka sheraton Hotel.