alex and Zoe's trip to indonesia

1.I think we should go around january because that is the only month that there is no big bad weather.
And we should go from the 17 through the 23rd because that is my friends b-day.
2.and i think we should use american air lines because its cheap and great! we should land in Jakarta and go eat at a delicious dinner.
my flights would be like this and you need to make your own so we can meet in jakarta on the 17th of january 2009.
Mildura to Sydney = $298.09 to leave at 12:45pm on the 16th of January 2009.
Sydney to Jakarta = $578 on
Singapore Airlines on the 17th of January 2009. At 7.00am

Return: Jakarta to Sydney = $906.98 on GARUDA INDONESIA leaving on the 23rd of january 2009. at 11am arriving at 10:45pm in

Sydney to Mildura = $274.04 to leave at 7:15am on Saturday the 24th of january 2009.(you will have to book your own flights)


Accommodation: my accommodation for Sydney. Stamford Plaza Double Bay in Sydney staying over night on Friday the 16th january 2009. Price $195
On the 23rd of January I will be staying in sydney at the Meriton Parramatta for one night at the cost of $149.
Indonesia/Jakarta: we are staying at The Aryaduta Suites Semangg
for 7 nights its is $700($100 a night)
Includes a buffet breakfast for 2.

my flight would be like this i would leave portland and arrive the next day in jakarta the i will meet zoe at the hotel

Day 1= The first day in Jakarta we will go for a nice walk through the markets after a lovley
breakfast at our hotel.
i buy i purple beaded braclet for $11.47 australian dollars, A green Seashell neclace and i also bought a Wayang Kulit which is an Ancient puppet made from leather and are standing on long sticks thats how they walk.
you bought a Wayang Kulit too and you bought a square of Batik which os a type of fabric that is created by melting hot wax together and dipping it in coloured water to get different coloured patterns.

Day 2 = after a great breakfast at our hotel we went to the natinal Museum of indonesia we saw lots of great art work and lots of remains from old buildings from the past.

external image 300px-Museum_Nasional_Indonesia.jpg
For dinner we went to the Hazara restaurants and i ate a lovley meal which was this

external image DSC08851.JPGyou ate a meal which looked like this external image indonesiansotoayammadura.jpg

Day 3= again we enjoyed a nice breakfast at our hotel then i went to the Jimbaran spa for a full day treatment.
while you go to the Maraciang Pub for lunch and explore the city for the day.

Day 4 = At 11am we caught a bus that travelled around Jakarta and small towns just 5 minutes away.
we saw lots of exciting things like the Puncak highland's sunset and the really tall mountains.
it was diffently a day to remeber.

Day 5 = today we slept in and when we awoke we went down stairs for a nice relaxing breakfast at our hotel then went swimming in the hotel pool and for lunch we went to the bugils cafe for spinach and rice omlets and nice hot chocolates.
after that we went to the markets and i bought more jewlery and u bought some traditional men's sandels.

Day 6 = Today we decided to go out for breakfast we went out to the Amadeus cafe.
After that we went for a walk over the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was so so much fun!
though it was scary as ur 230 feet above the Capilano River, and just thinking that you could fall made shivers run down my spine!
this day was surley one of the best!

Day 7 = Our last day in Indonesia.
we went to the Jakarta International Saddle Club in Warung Buncit. it took a bit over 1/2 hour but it was worth it as we got to ride horses along the old buildings and rueins. There were wonderful things to see and it was so much fun learning how to ride a horse and being able to get up to almost a canter speed.
For our last night in Indonesia we went and got Indonesian noodles and went to watch the Wayang Kulit puppets preform.
it was amazing!
And a totally awesome trip i loved it!