Malaysia is where Gabby, Madeline and Jade are travelling to.

Return Flights: Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on 15th January $756

Day 1
Fly 2 Malaysia and go to the De Palma Hotel and SLEEP.

Day 2
Go shopping for a little bit at at the main mall in Ampang.

Day 3
Take a train to Kuala Lumper and check out the Petronas Twin Towers.

Day 4
Go to different types of food stores and try samples of their foods.

Day 5
Visit the cool types of music, dance, and art.

Day 6
Visit the restuarant called the ampang Young Tao Foo.

Day 7
Go 2 Kuala Lumpur again, and go on a tour around the city, have lunch on the way, visit Malay houses, other stuff, and stay overnight at the Swiss Garden Hotel.

Day 8
Fly home.