Nepal is where

Zac, Myranda and Austin are going to.

Mandi- hey so i was thinking that maybe we can go april 20-27 we can fly in tribhuyan international then just maybe hang out there if you want to travel to other cities then you decide where we will travel so the first day we can just settle in then the second day we can maybe go to Bodhnath its there most famous buddhist monument then the second and third day you can decide but the forth day we should go to a castle called Hanuman Dahka. The fith day you can pick the sixth day you can pick as well then the seventh day we will fly out. you can pick out where we want to eat.Then we can shop.

Austin- For food i really don't care as long as its not insect horse or llama!!! Some places to see would be, **Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve**, and ****Royal Chitwan National Park****. they look like fun places to go and i would love to go shopping. to bad we are not actually going.
What hotel would you guys like to stay in? i tthink we should stay in one thats really nice just because we are not actually going. There was some pretty cool ones. Any way you guys should decide. The food looks alright i think we should just eat where ever we could find.
Im with you on that ok so im arriving in agartala India then im going to drive up to Kathmandu the capitol of nepal then find a hotel there and do tours there i think wee should leave oregon the 20 and come back the 29

I know where we should go I got some info on the hotel i'll get more info

Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu

Set in 11 acres of beautifully manicured gardens 8 km, from the Tribhuvan International Airport and 3 km from the city centre Soaltee Crowne Plaza is the premier hotel of the Kingdom. With reputation for its standard of excellent service and accommodation, the Soaltee Crowne Plaza offers a resorts atmosphere for both the business and leisure traveler.

Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu Property Information:
Rooms: 282
Floors: 5

Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu Features
• Car rental desk
• Conventions
• First class
• Family rooms
• Data port
• Nonsmoking
• Meeting room
• Dining
• Business center
• Fitness facility
• Tennis court
• Game room
• Swimming pool
• Golf
• Free parking
$268 Per night per person

I got a tour
Day1 Arrive Kathmandu
Day2 Kathmandu
Day3 Kathmmandu-Lumbini
Day4 Lumbini
Day5 Lumbini-Kathmandu
Day6 Depart Kathmandu

omg! mandi you did alot i think that sounds great. Is there anything else i need to do??? That hotel is amazing.

We should see some famous temples if u get any info 0n any post it on the page
O.k. so here is the voice thread that I did

We should go to the Royal Chitwan National Park
Dont worry about price the amirican dollar and aussie dolar would be worth allot
more in napal and we shoul go to that wildlife reserve because its home to the last of a species of water buffilo
I got some pics on the natonil park

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