Jonothon and Ted will travel to North Korea

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1. fly in at airport and drive to tour start area ( Beijing ) Dec 16 external image moz-screenshot-2.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-3.jpg
( tour start )
2. train to Pyongsung ( North Korea capitol )
3. go to hotel
4. tour of city
5. go to tomb of Kongmin then visit schoolchildren's palace preformance
6. journey back to Beijing
7.arrive in Beijing
( end of tour )
8. Fly to Portland airport Dec 2
9. asia is a very spiritual place with gods of past and present buddism hinduism and islam.
10. a popular event in n. korea is the mass games called [ arir
11. Tourism is N.korea is highly controlled by the goverment the longest river is the amnok river 790 kilometers [491 miles]
12. here the kim dystany. wihch began life as a soviet sponserd commnnist govent it the
13. off the beaten path seems too slight a term for a nation that admits fewer tan 2000 westerners a year and whose overwelming actration is its soluotion and backwardness

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