Jess, Paige & Katrina xx ♥ ♪♫

Dates: the cool but dry season (November-February),

We are going 26th January 2009 - 30st January 2009 We went here for flights.

DAY 1. On this day we are just going to arive and settle into our hotels.
this is one for Roxas this is where im staying :) [[\they|\]]they have taxis there too. <-- Paiges Hotel. Jess's Hotel <-- <- Flights xx
My flight has 2 stops and costs $2518 on the Philippine Airlines. <-- Paige and Jess's Flights here same costs, but Paige was American air lines.

DAY 2. A tour we are going on today is on this website -->
It has a museum included and we can learn a bit about the culture, it starts at about 9.30am and finshes a bit before lunch time and where it finishes is within walking distance to the local shops. We will have some lunch here somewhere and then walk down to a small Art Gallery called, Mellecha. All this is located in Manila. After this we are going back to our hotels and meeting in Manila at Ke Pourta, for dinner.

DAY 3. On this day we are going down to the Asian Mall to do a bit of shopping which is in Manila, then we are going on another tour on the west side on Manila to show us some different things. After shopping for a few hours we are going down to some horse races by bus that start at 1pm. These fiinsh at about 5pm and when they are finished we will catch a bus back down into Manila's main part and grab some dinner, it is about half an hour - 45 minutes drive to get back to here from the horse races. A that we will go back to our hotels.

DAY 4. On day 4 we are going out to a resaurant called Sung Sin, which is a chinese food restraunt. then we will get soe dvds and watch the that night.

DAY 5. now we are going back home, this is the end of our trip to the Philippines.