Jacob and Devin and Ryan

The best time to make a trip to the Philippines is from the middle of December to the middle of May because that is off-season for typhoons.
What month do you want to go? What airport are we going to fly to? We are going to fly first class deffinatley
Devin-December 5, to the 12. I don't think that there is any thing going on that would delay us. Lets go to Luneta National Park. It's in the city of Manila.
Lets fly in at the luzon airport........
Devin- I found a better airline that I thing we should use. it is north west air lines.
Devin-What do you think we should do there? I think that we should go learn more about the Luneta National Park. Another place i think we should go is the Manila American memorial. It's a reminder of what happened many years ago, in world war 2. It is the home of 17,000 soldiers.
Devin-I found a really great place to go and I found a tour guide that takes us all around Luzon. We get to see every thing in that country. we can go see many fascinating things.
Devin- day one unpack and get ready for tour.
For day two we would go from Manila to Baguio city. Then we would stay at the EL Cielito Inn. in the afternoon go look around the we would visit few parks.
On Day three we can have an Phillipine breakfast, Guests show there appreciation by eating heartily. Then depart to Mt. Data, it a mountain that is 2,256 meters tall. There is a church. then stay at the lodge.
Day four visit the ancient Buril caves in Sagada. Then proceed to the Bontoc town. in the afternoon arrive at Banaua hotel too have dinner.
On day five we will visit Manila bay. Go on a tour to see what is on the bay.
On day six we are going to the National Musem Of the Phillipines to see all the art and other interesting things.
On day seven we ate going to go snowboarding on a important mountain.
On day eight we are going to leave early in the morning.
Devin-I think that we should stay for 2 more days. so then we can try new foods and get some souvenirs. then pack up and go home

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Flag of the Philippines
Flag of the Philippines