Research Project Stage 2 -- Voice Thread-Asian Country Collaboration

After you have planned your trip you need to find at least 10 pictures. You may use Google images as long as you create a Sites document that tells where you have found your information/pictures. You need to organize your pictures.
*Mrs Knights' students - Save your pictures into your country page and tell your partnership students to add them into the Voicethread.
*Mrs Peters' students - Right click to Save as to CVMS Public, peters 2nd-create your own folder.

You need to write at least 3 sentences to use as your introduction including:
1. An interesting fact about your country
2. Why & where you are going.
3. Some of the things you are going to see like a description of the temples, food, people, customs.

Voice Thread
Sign in using your tech username
Click on the Create tab
Click on Upload-go to where you have saved your pictures.
By using the shift key you can upload all the pictures at once
Put your pictures in the correct order by clicking & dragging.
Don't forget to type in a title at the top
If you are the first to create the Voice thread then add your partners by clicking on the Share tab

Under friends you should find CVMS 7th grade-scroll through to find your partners-click on invite & highlight all the items.
This will allow them to edit your Voice Thread.
Click on the Comment tab to record or type in your information. If you have quite a bit of information then record in short clips-it takes too long to load if the recording is too long. Listen to your recording, if you don't like the recording click on the trash to delete.

Make sure you comment on your partner's pictures too. We need to learn about the culture as well as the places you are visiting.

Write a comment about your trip-glad to go, want to go again etc.
Mention some of the unforgettable parts of your trip.

Be prepared to share your Voice Thread with the class.

Research Project Stage 1

Project Details
Let's Take a Trip to......
You and your partners will be planning a trip to an Asian or Middle Easter country that you are assigned to visit. You will need to research and find
out some important information about your country and create an diary or itinerary of your holiday

1.Date to visit-check the weather so you don't go in Monsoon season or when it is too hot.
Geography of the country, map of the cities-will you stay in the city?
Where is the airport?
How will you get there?
What kinds of transportation-how will you get around?

2.Where to go in the country-Where are the historical spots, famous landmarks, fun recreation?
History-why are you seeing some of these spots?

3.Food-what are some cultural specialties-restaurants, food markets?

4. Customs-what are the do's & don'ts

5. Currency
6. Shopping-What will you bring home that is that country's special export or example of cultural item?

Use Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia websites to look for airline reservations-
Remember you want the least amount of stops for the lowest price.
Take a picture of the completed reservation-Don't really make a reservation

Lonely Planet travel Find pictures of the hotel, historical sites, city, geography.
Remember to site where you found your information

Include a Bibliography of the sites you use in your research.